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33rd Annual Dinner Party and Demonstration, October 27, 2012

Grace talks about the Tai Chi  healing experience

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Sifu Mo has a thriving practice in both acupressure therapy and herbal medicine. Here we briefly describe acupressure therapy.

Acupressure Therapy

Spleen channel of footTraditional Chinese Acupressure Therapy for Common Work-Related Problems

  • Eye strain / headache / migraine
  • Neck and shoulder tension or pain
  • Chronic lower back pain / sciatica
  • Numbness or pain in hands or arms (carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Anxiety or depression
  • High blood pressure

What is Traditional Chinese Acupressure Therapy?

Using the comprehensive, total wellness approach of the over 1000 year old Chinese medical tradition, Traditional Chinese Acupressure Therapy provides a soothing massage through a careful and strategic manipulation of pressure points, based on the body’s meridians.

What can I expect during treatment?

  • Traditional Chinese Acupressure Therapy can be preformed almost anywhere, the workplace for example, without the use of special equipment or the unnecessary removal of clothing.
  • Following an initial consultation, Dr. Mo applies specialized massage and pressure point manipulation techniques to further diagnose the state of the your internal health.
  • Then, it’s time to relax and enjoy the soothing, thoroughly satisfying experience of Traditional Chinese Acupressure Therapy.
  • And don’t be surprised if you have more energy than when you started!

How exactly does Traditional Chinese Acupressure Therapy help me?

  • Traditional Chinese Acupressure Therapy releases tension and stress, promotes deep relaxation, boosts your natural energies, and stimulates your immune system by balancing the body’s internal systems.
  • Traditional Chinese Acupressure Therapy bases its treatment on a series of interconnected energy lines, called meridians, running throughout the body. Each of these energy lines, and the acupressure points along it, correspond to one of the body’s major organs. Treatment is based on relief of external (muscular) and internal (nervous) stresses through a rebalancing of meridian energies.

But I have more serious injuries or chronic problems: can Traditional Chinese Acupressure Therapy help me?

YES ! Traditional Chinese Acupressure Therapy has proven an effective treatment for sports and motor vehicle injuries, arthritis, and other chronic physical and psychological ailments

What are others saying about Dr. Mo’s treatments?

Dr. Christopher Schiller, Senior Analyst, Ontario Management Board Secretariat:
“I pulled muscles in my lower back during a game of squash to the point where it was excruciatingly painful to walk and impossible to bend forward. A trip to the chiropractor made the problem worse. My family doctor told me to rest and gave me pills. Thirty minutes with Dr. Mo, and I was up walking with virtually full mobility returned. By the next day, I was back at work with no residual discomfort.”
John Bradfield, Petrophysical Specialist:
“Sifu Mo has provided successful traditional Chinese remedies to members of our family to relieve various ailments typically not properly addressed by conventional Western medical practices. … As I am a ‘dyed in the wool’ Western scientist this experience was a total revelation to me and has led me to believe, quite considerably, in the practices and benefits of traditional Chinese medicine … something I intend to continue with.”
Elaine Kopman, Director, The Toronto School of the Alexander Technique:
“I have been both a student and a patient of Dr. Philip Mo for more than a year. … I consider Dr. Mo to be both a great teacher and a highly accomplished Practitioner of his arts.”
Laurian Hetanen, R.N., B.N.Sc.:
“I have consulted Dr. Philip Mo, B.Sc., C.M.D., for the treatment of recent hypertension and a lingering cough which has not responded to conventional medical treatment. … Additionally I am studying Ch’i Kung and T’ai Chi with Dr. Mo and I find that the daily practice of these forms (as I have learned them so far) is also helpful for my medical problems. Home monitoring of my blood pressure has indicated a drop in my systolic blood press of 10 – 20 points after doing these exercises. As a registered nurse, I have been trained in the Western medical model of treating illness, but found that modality alone insufficient in dealing with these current problems.”
Dragan Stankic:
“Being an engineer, I try to analyze the situation objectively and not overreact. I can refer Dr. Philip Mo and his work as the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine without any hesitation.”
Sheila Bradfield, MSW:
“I have been a patient of Dr. Philip Mo for almost 4 years, following an injury eight years ago to my back and left hip, which did not respond to conventional western medical treatment. Dr. Mo has been treating me … using a combination of T’ai Chi exercise, Chinese herbal medicine, liniments and fingertip acupuncture. … This approach has greatly lessened my pain, improved both my sleep pattern and daily functioning and returned my blood pressure to a normal level. … My husband Tom and I are both in our early 70′s and study the art of T’ai Chi under Dr. Mo. Tom has also benefited from the acupuncture and massage treatments with increased energy and feelings of well-being. … My family and I are grateful to Dr. Mo for his knowledge, skill and genuine concern for our well being “


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