Sifu Philip Mo has been practicing Chinese martial arts for over fifty-five years. He is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Licensed Holistic Practitioner offering
acupuncture, acupressure and Chinese herbal medicine. He began learning
Taijiquan at the age of 12 in Hong Kong, mastering both the Yang and Wu styles,
eventually specializing in Wu style under Sifu Cheung Wing Kwong.

Sifu Cheung Wing Kwong

Sifu Cheung Wing Kwong

Sifu Mo’s Taiji practice demanded expertise in all aspects of the art: empty hand,sword, saber, grappling and others. He undertook a deep study of Qigong, the practice of internal energy cultivation to promote healing and self-defence effectiveness.

To further the study of healing arts, Sifu Mo studied Traditional  Chinese Medicine. The relationship between martial arts and healing is not well  understood in the West, but reflect Sifu Mo’s philosophical goal of neutralizing  destructive forces and transforming them into positive influences. Sifu Mo  broadened his study of the internal martial arts to include Xingyiquan and
Baguazhang. For interest, he also studied Mizongquan or “Fist of the Lost  Track,” a hard, external style. Although he graduated in 1964 with a degree in Civil Engineering, Sifu has chosen to work as a professional teacher of internal martial arts and a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He was invited in 1977 to instruct Taijiquan at the University of Toronto at Hart House, a position he has held for over thirty years to this day. He teaches at other study centres in the Toronto area, including the main downtown centre near the Spadina / Dundas intersection. In July, 2000 Sifu Mo was given an Outstanding Achievement Award by the Canadian Martial Arts Games Committee/Jeux D’Arts Martiaux du Canada. In  October, 2002 the Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organizations certifed Sifu Mo  as a Level 9, Master Degree Coach. He is a co-founder and currently a Director,  Honorary President and Vice Chairperson of the Canadian Chinese Kuo Shu (Martial  Arts) Foundation Sifu Mo has been inducted into the World Kungfu Hall of Masters (the Roll of Dragons and Tigers).

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